Monday, 15 December 2014

First post

This is the first blog post linked to my new look website. 

Bit of a 1am, can't sleep, brain dump incoming. So, apologies in advance!

I first built a website for myself while I was at university. At the time, there was no Facebook, no LinkedIn, no Twitter and we went to Yahoo and Ask Jeeves for searching. OK, now I feel old. However, at that time, a personal website was the way to connect with web. 

I'm not sure they are strictly needed any more. I can't recall the last time I went to someone's personal homepage. I've checked blogs and linked with people. However, nowadays if you google someone (a verb that didn't exist when I took my first faltering steps online) you don't find their homepage. 

I like having a homepage. It's mine to style as I like and it's nice to have a permanent "home" of my own. I just don't change the decor all that often!

Until this update, my 'site sported a forum dedicated to the (now classic and back on the iPad) Baldur's Gate series of games, some embarrassing photos of a younger me and an About Me bit. 

I am still not quite sure what to do with my new site. I've links to my LinkedIn profile, twitter account and email and the About me section is a bit more updated. No photo section. 

I think it'll have a maths section - probably mainly links but also I'd like to update my dissertation and set it up as a PDF. 

Whatever else it has, it will remain my home on the Internet. 


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