Monday, 24 November 2014

Hobby time...

I'm a keen collector and painter of fantasy wargames miniatures - you can find me on forums under the username Finraer. 

It's a fun hobby - I used to play when younger but with the demands of work and family, I don't have the time. However, painting is a nice relaxation activity and having an army list to paint to is good motivation. 

My current project is pictured below. 

It's a bit of an odd hobby, though. A little high on the geek-scale and not one you'd necessarily share with all your friends and colleagues. Clearly an obvious choice for a blog post then. 

For the uninitiated:
The miniatures are 28mm scale and, in this case from a company called Games Workshop. They cost about £1-£2 each on average and I would say that each of the more generic troop models has taken me a couple of hours to paint and base. Character models cost more to buy, have a lot more detail and I spend loner painting them (perhaps 10-20 hours per model). 

The collection pictured above is the product of about a year and a half of on and off hobby time. The plan is to double it in size. 

For those who know what on earth I am talking about:
This is an undead army - mainly skeletons. I don't like the aesthetic of the current GW ghoul or zombie miniatures. There's currently a vampire caster, which BSB, a banshee and a wight. I've also painted up a necrosphinx since taking the photo.  

Painting is table-top standard (I hope) with a base coat, shade and highlights to all and sand and flocked basing. 

I'll try and put up a more detailed post with close-ups in the next month or so. 

Although, with changes to the game itself coming soon - hobby wobbles may well hit! :)

My current projects are:
A 28mm fantasy egyptian army
The undead army above
An Orc army (using models from Mantic, another games company)
A chaos army (or two!)

Plus a few others that are in the "collection stage". 

Anyway - blog update complete. New content for my site. Yay. :)

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